Finance, Donations, Grants & Projects


The Council is funded partly through receipts and partly through your taxes, therefore it is committed to functioning in a professional manner in order to ensure that it delivers quality services which are value for money to the rate payers of the area. The Council has also successfully passed through rigorous financial audits which ensure that it is delivering transparent value for money services and it continues to be an important part of the local economy with goods and services procured through local businesses wherever possible. Financial documents are outlined below and for any queries on Council finances please contact us.

Finance Regulations

Balance Sheet 2008-09                    Balance Sheet 2009-10

Balance Sheet 2010-11                    Balance Sheet 2011-12

Balance Sheet 2014-15 

Balance Sheet 2015-16

Balance Sheet 2016-17

The Council is pleased to announce that the external auditors propose to issue an unqualified opinion report / certificate into the 2011-12 accounts - more information to follow.

Council Donations and Grants

The Council makes donations to local organisations who have applied for financial assistance, such as Tumble Juniors RFC and Mynydd Mawr choir for their respective trips abroad because it was felt that they were representing the community and promoting the art and culture of our area. The Council has also supported individuals and school children with educational visits abroad and regularly makes donations to the Urdd Eisteddfod as well as vital charities such as Help the Aged, Cancer Research UK and Shelter Cymru.

Cllr TM Evans donating a cheque Cllr TM Evans donating Llannon Community Council

2012-2013 (this year)

Community Grant Scheme

Fore more information please contact the Clerk.


Community Grant Scheme

The 2011-12 community grant scheme application form was available for download here . The deadline for applications was September 1 2011. 5 grants of £300 are available each year to organisations within the area. The scheme is now closed for the year.

Charities/ Good Causes

Charities and good causes are invited to submit letters for consideration of Members throughout the year.


Community Grant Scheme

The Council ran a community development grant programme for the first time in 2010-2011. The 4 organisations who received grants of £300 each in 2010-11 were Cross Hands Cinema, Cyfle i Bawb, Llannon Young Farmers and Tumble AFC colts under 12's. The groups were presented with their grant by Chairman Cllr Terry Evans in October 2010:

Llannon Young Farmers Tumble Junior Colts Football  Cyfle i Bawb



The Council supported a whole host of organisations in 2009-10. Tumble Youth Club received a grant of £250, Mynydd Mawr Junior Rugby received £120, Tumble Under 15 Rugby received £168, Tumble OAP Branch received £420 and Eisteddfod y Tymbl received £400. The Council also supported charities and good causes and gave donations of £300 each to the Wales Air Amulance, Macmillan Cancer Research, Marie Curie Cancer Care and WRVS Cross Hands. Pictures of Chairman Cllr Terry Evans and leader Cllr Lesley Williams presenting these organisations with their donations are below.

Donation to mynydd mawr schools rugby chairman and leader Donation to eisteddfod y tymbl chairman and leader Donation to Tumble OAP Club

Donation to Tumble Youth Club

For more information and to apply for a donation/grant then please

contact the Clerk.

Capital Programme 2009-13

The next 3 years will see the delivery of a large scale and innovative capital programme. This will include the enhancement of Upper Tumble Public Cemetery and the delivery of a series of projects as set out within the Parish Plan.

50-50 bus stop partnership project - During 2009, The Council was made aware of issues with regards to the adequacy of bus shelter provision within the area. Local school children were being affected by the weather when waiting for their transport to school. The Council duly precepted and allocated £7,500 within its capital programme with a view to entering into a 50-50 partnership scheme with the County Council in order to secure new bus shelters at Maes Becca in Llannon, Cwmmawr and High Street in Tumble. The County Council duly agreed to match fund therefore taking the total investment in our area's bus shelters to £15,000. This is an example of the Council working in partnership for the good of the local community. The shelters were installed in the Autumn of 2009 and a picture of Cllr Terry Evans in Cwmmawr is below;

Ongoing Projects and Activities


The installation of CCTV cameras at Tumble Hall and the Memorial Garden has led to positive feedback from local people as a result of their visual presence and function. It is only relatively recently that Councils have been given the power to install CCTV cameras, and it was felt that, having carefully budgeted, that it was a proactive move which will help to alleviate anti social behaviour within our community.

Traffic Calming

The Council is also tackling speeding in the area through consulting with local people and with statutory agencies such as the County Highways Authority and also the Police Authority. Numerous ‘hot spots’ for speeding have been identified, including Bethania Road, where the Council is being consulted as to the engineering of a traffic calming scheme.

Service Led Agreements

The Council continues to maintain and clean footpaths, green spaces and has recently secured an agreement with the County Council in order to clean the Cross Hands underpass. The underpass was seen by local residents as an eye sore, with litter and other various ‘nasties’ gathering there, particularly following the weekends. The Council’s manual workers are now actively involved in cleaning the area on a daily basis (including Saturday and Sunday mornings) and complaints have significantly reduced. The Council believes that this is sort of ‘charter’ agreement between the County Council and the Community Council is the way forward for effective service delivery for our communities at community level.

Hanging Baskets

The Council’s hanging basket scheme has gone form strength to strength thanks to the support of local businesses. It is an example of a sustainable community project because it is so well supported by the private sector, and is well maintained by the Council’s workers.