Policies & Parish Plan

The Parish Plan 2008-2013

Llannon Community Council recently commissioned Menter Cwm Gwendraeth to undertake a Parish Plan in order to ensure that Members are aware of what the local community wants and needs. Stage 1 of the Parish Plan comprised of a Full Review of the Socio-economic characteristics of the Community Council Area, the development of a Comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement Database and Discussions with relevant departments within the County Council. The information collated throughout this process is contained within a Stage 1 Key Issues Paper for Llannon Community Council and can be viewed here Llannon Ward – Stage 1

Stage 2 of the Parish Plan consisted of arranging, marketing and delivering three community consultation events within Llannon Community Ward in order to measure the views of the public on a wide range of issues affecting the lives of local residents. A Stage 2 report has been prepared, which lays out the information obtained from the consultation process. The Stage 2 full report can be viewed here and the Stage 2 Executive Summary is here

The Community Consultation events were held on the 11th, 17th and 26th of February 2009 at Tumble Hall, Llannon Primary School Hall and Cross Hands Workings Men’s Club respectively.  Some headline issues to emerge from the consultation included Recycling and Waste Management, Public transport and Bus Shelters, Green areas, Foot, Bridle paths and Cycle Path, the need for a new Multi Purpose Community Facility, the need for new Play and Recreation, Parks and Playing Facilities and support for the ongoing management of Upper Tumble Public Cemetery and the Council’s Hanging Baskets Scheme.

Delivering the Parish Plan

The Council is utilising the community consultation undertaken in order to deliver some of the projects and a sub committee was formed in September 2009 to tackle some of the key issues. More information is available in the Parish Plan Delivery Programme which was agreed by Council in September 2009.

The working group appointed Harrisons Design and Development Ltd to compile a regeneration strategy for Tumble in September 2010. The Strategy can be viewed here and work is ongoing on delivering upon its aims – To view the strategy click here

The working group is also drawing up an action plan for Cross Hands and Llannon villages. Research is being undertaken on community broadband and new events such as carnivals.

For more information, please contact the Clerk.

Policies and additional information

The adoption of key policies such as the Welsh language Policy, Equal opportunities & race relations policy, disability equality statement and Health and Safety Policy means that the Council is continuing to say abreast with key legislative and policy drivers within local government. For more information, please contact the Clerk.

Code of Conduct
Complaints Policy
Disability Equality Statement
Equal Opportunities Policy Statement
Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy – November 2011 update (so that new Clerk is named on policy)
Publication Scheme
Staff policies
2013 Standing Orders

Standing Orders (updated March 2010)
Welsh Language Scheme

Welsh Language Scheme (updated Nov 2010)

Sickness Management Policy

Redundancy Procedure

Environmental Policy

Child Protection Policy

Employees Code of Conduct