Llannon Community Council is proud to serve the areas of Cross Hands, Llannon, Tumble and Cwmmawr – promoting community development and social activities, including supporting a number of sporting, cultural and community groups which play a prominent part in the life of the community. The Council is working to respond to local needs to improve the standard of life in the area.

On this website…

You will find information about the local community, the Council and its members together with important documents, financial details and news from the Council Meetings. You will also see information on Tumble Hall and Upper Tumble Public Cemetery. To obtain information on planning issues, rights of way/footpaths, dog fouling, community policing, youth services and refuse collection/kerbside recycling scheme please click here.



Covid-19 – Arrangements for Council Meeting

Due to the current situation with Corona virus, the normal meetings of the Council have been suspended. In order to enable the Council to continue with normal business Welsh Government has issued the Local Authorities (Coronavirus) (Meetings) (Wales) Regulations 2020. This legislation supersedes the normal legislation regarding the business of the Council and enables Councils to hold meetings online to protect Councillors and members of the public.

In order to enable members of the public to view future Council meetings online, it will be necessary for a request to be made to the Clerk in order that a code can be emailed which will allow access to view the meeting. Contact can be made by emailing the Clerk on llannonccclerk@outlook.com in advance of the meeting.

Cyfarfodydd y Cyngor – Covid 19

Oherwydd y sefyllfa bresennol gyda firws Corona, mae cyfarfodydd arferol y Cyngor wedi’u hatal. Er mwyn galluogi’r Cyngor i barhau â busnes arferol mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi cyhoeddi Rheoliadau Awdurdodau Lleol (Coronafirws) (Cyfarfodydd) (Cymru) 2020. Mae’r ddeddfwriaeth hon yn disodli’r ddeddfwriaeth arferol ynghylch busnes y Cyngor ac yn galluogi Cynghorau i gynnal cyfarfodydd ar-lein i amddiffyn Cynghorwyr ac aelodau’r cyhoedd.

Er mwyn galluogi aelodau’r cyhoedd i weld cyfarfodydd y Cyngor yn y dyfodol ar-lein, bydd angen gwneud cais i’r Clerc er mwyn e-bostio cod a fydd yn caniatáu mynediad i weld y cyfarfod. Gellir cysylltu trwy e-bostio Clerc ar llannonccclerk@outlook.com cyn y cyfarfod.

Notice of Public Access to Audited Accounts for 2020/2021:

Notice (Cymraeg) of Public Access to Audited Accounts 2019/2020

Notice (English) of Public Access to Audited Accounts 2019/2020

Annual Return 2019/2020

Unapproved accounts